Air group 4

air group 4
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Air Bands 2 Group #4

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DESCRIPTION: In this theater, the Ranger Air Group was involved in Operation Grkup to support the North African campaign and Operation Leaderair group 4 on German shipping and port facilities along the Norwegian coast. There are a number of stories told in Torpedo Squadron Four for which the author has written follow-ups, based upon new information learned from additional interviews and newly discovered documents. Imperial Japanese Navy air units..

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Air Group 4 During World War II - Casablanca to Tokyo

Visit us once and enjoy the result forever. The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle. In this theater, the Ranger Air Group was involved in Operation Torch to support the North African campaign and Operation Leader , attacks on German shipping and port facilities along the Norwegian coast. Australia in the War of — , Series 3: On the ground, the Air Group destroyed or damaged aircraft.

File:Air Group 4 on USS Ranger (CV-4) 1943.jpg.

air group 4
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A Mitsubishi G4M Rikko Navy Type 1 Attack Bomber of the 4th Air Group's 1st section 1st chutai in ferrying or reconnaissance mode configuration, indicated by fairings installed over the usually open bomb bay, photographed around August New Guinea Campaign Guadalcanal Campaign..

  • By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Taking heavy losses over Guadalcanal, the unit was withdrawn from the front in September .
  • 4th Air Group
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  • Air Group 4 - Torpedo Squadron 4 - VT-4

First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign:.

  • Air Group 4 During World War II - Casablanca to Tokyo.
  • The purpose of this site is to tell the story of those who served in Air Group 4 during World War II, and to commemorate their efforts. The members of Air Group 4.
  • Torpedo 4 (VT-4). Torpedo 4 Insignia In December , shortly after Pearl Harbor, the US Navy made the decision to form a torpedo squadron from the air.

Aair dmy dates air group 4 June The author of this book, Gerald W. New Guinea Campaign Guadalcanal Campaign. Views Read Edit View history. On the ground, the Air Group destroyed or damaged aircraft.

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