Do naruto and hinata hook up

do naruto and hinata hook up
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Cartoon Hook-Ups: Naruto and Hinata

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DESCRIPTION: The dynamics between the two had do naruto and hinata hook up changed and their innate rivalry still caused Naruto and Sasuke to challenge each other, even more so when Sasuke announced his desire to become Hokage, and with both of them noticing their respective improvements and new abilities. Though he almost succeeded in breaking Naruto with his guilt over his "inability" hoko protect Neji, Obito's plan failed when Hinata and Kurama intervened. Sarada was happy to learn she inherited some good characteristics from him but was disappointed to learn how aloof and stubborn he was..

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Does Naruto and Hinata hook up??? | Yahoo Answers

MegaDork , Jul 23, However, Naruto shows obvious disagreement and shouts in Hinata's defense. Seeing that Naruto was coming close to becoming arrogant like he himself did, Itachi told him to put his faith in his comrades as they had put their faith in him. Yes, the end of the show is in sight. After Neji talks about his personal life, Naruto stands up for Hinata by saying that he's not the only one who is special, and that Hinata suffered as much as he did. Two years later, Sasuke briefly returned to Konoha to stop a meteor from destroying it, stating that only he could protect the village in Naruto's absence. Sakura then helped Naruto realise his feelings for Hinata, even noting that they are more genuine and real in comparison to his crush on Sakura, as it never went deeper than wanting to win her over as another means of competing with Sasuke, whom she has feelings for.

Does Naruto and Hinata hook up???.

do naruto and hinata hook up
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The team then dive into the lake..

  • Hinata then asks Sakura why she is encouraging her so much to which Sakura replies that they need to support each other after she reminisces about Sasuke..
  • Spoiler below about The Last: Naruto the Movie
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Ole Stain 57 1 6. And another thing… Why do you thing Sakura encourage Hinata in the first place..

  • Naruto & Hinata meet up at the shady No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up, but does Naruto even.
  • Aug 3, - Naruto Vs Bleach Game: Small Small Ninja Trailer LOL?_? WTF - Duration: DBZanto Z 7,, views · Cartoon Hook-Ups: Luffy.
  • Sep 1, - Originally Answered: When does Naruto love Hinata? Hinata manages to stands up and activates her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, and proceeds to run  In what episode does Naruto ask Hinata out?

A masked man appears when they went into the underground home remedy for hair fall control. However, driven to save her captured sister and destroy the TenseiganHinata, after giving the red scarf to Naruto, left with Toneri and pretended to accept his offer, much to Naruto's shock and confusion when she said goodbye to him. When he noticed that Naruto was beginning to surpass him and that he was nowhere near strong enough do naruto and hinata hook up defeat Itachi, Sasuke defected from Konoha to train under Orochimaru, believing it to be the only way he could become strong enough to avenge his clan. Naruto and Shikamaru crash the wedding just before the ceremony seems to be completed. Asking Hinata to use her Byakugan on Boruto, she confirmed his suspicions, leaving both disappointed in their son.

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