Libra female and cancer male dating

libra female and cancer male dating
My name is Tina, 24 years: Maybe I am the woman you have seen hundred times in your dreams? What if we have met in another life and just looking for each other at this site? Maybe life prepared for you tall, pretty, passionate lady like me? Who is cheerful, romantic person, enjoys walking under the moon handing hand in hand with her loving man. Who tries always to be optimistic in life, always smile and think positively. Lets check! I am divorced and I live alone. My daughter and son live separately and already have their own families. I work like dermotologist-venereologist in private hospital, but also have second higher education in Finances. Complete my life, my second half! Find me and never let me go....

The Libra Experience: Libra&Cancer Compatibility

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DESCRIPTION: He was very sweet, kind libra female and cancer male dating a gentlemen however, I think my personality was just too much for him. I also have a Cancer man guide and Libra woman hot sexy mature milfs which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. But this results in each migrating going into the shell, showing a cold and detached behavior. I met this charming Cancer and I can't get enough of him!.

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Libra Woman And Cancer Man: Love, Life & Relationship

I almost have it though. She is ahead of him on the karmic wheel, and will therefore have much to teach him. I'm 21 and so is my Cancer ex.. The thing is he won't approach me. She does appreciate it. We had our ups and downs but he was the most thoughtful, passionate man I have ever met.

Can a Libra Woman and Cancer Man Have a Lasting Relationship?.

libra female and cancer male dating
My name is Irene, 26.: I can say that I’m kind person who can care of close people. It’s important for me to give my love and support to others. I like being cheerful and try to take easy everything that happens in my life. I know how to value real friendship and devotion and my close people can always be sure in me. I’m family oriented person who is dreaming to find my second part. I like harmony and calmness inside and around me. Would you like to be a part of it?

On the other hand, his mood swings, his jealousy, and insecurities were taking a toll on me..

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I had to work hard to earn my Cancer man trust again,after I cheated on him. We worked through a roller coaster and have learned how to compromise, I tell him when he is being too clingy, and he tells me when I am being too flirtatious..

  • Cancer and Libra can enjoy their connection of Venus with the Moon only if they both have enough individuality to live their own lives separately. They should.
  • How compatible are Libra women and Cancer men mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Libra woman is as But both the Libra woman and Cancer man appreciate a comfortable lifestyle and work hard to keep it. Date of Birth: January.
  • The first time that the Cancer man sees her, he will be overwhelmed, and he They looked at her only as a soft woman, but she is just as powerful as they are.

I am tired of the games and ready to settle down but I can't when they are my drug and I am theirs. I do hope that if he understands how much things like that mean to me that he will not let me down. Good intentions, fast attachment, deep bond, great libra female and cancer male dating, but particular problems too. Their perfection will be an inspiration to others. We argue one moment, make up and have sex. It is in this regard that feamle can take it a couple of ways:.

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