Why is he dating her and not me

why is he dating her and not me
My name is Diana, 26 years: I like having a good time. Hiking on fresh air, small companies and favorite work..

7 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Guy

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DESCRIPTION: I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this. Dear Jane, I'm actually struggling with this. Why did I even care?! I realize then how full his agenda is and his hobbies. October 6, at 2:.

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In all honesty she's using the child as a pawn to get what she wants from him. Albeit kind of recklessly. Nothing ever gets too deep, too personal, too beyond the comfort level for both of them because it's not what either of them want. You don't deserve this. Anyway, once again thank you for helping me again. Because what you don't see behind the Facebook pictures that show the two of them happily together, is the emotional side of their relationship that isn't there. I look at relationships slightly differently now as I am an older woman in my sixties and not looking for a family etc.


why is he dating her and not me
My name is Marion, 18.: If you have any questions about me -I look forward to it ,maybe you are the one to whom I will belong completely?))ha?)

Again, I left him alone to work out his issues..

  • June 21, at His girl knows what she's worth and she's not wasting any time on men who keep her guessing or who treats her like crap..
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  • Why He’ll Commit to Her, But Not to You | Getting to TRUE Love

THIS is so hard to understand!!!.

  • Sep 30, - But that is not the main reason why guys will leave you behind. Keep reading to see the 15 reasons why he most likely chose her over you. If you're dating a guy who loves to stay indoors during the weekend and cuddle.
  • Apr 1, - Why her and not me?, a question that's reverberating around a lot of or that after just three months of dating some woman, he's moved in.
  • Aug 9, - But the real reasons why he chose her over you have more to do with To a point, I've basically shunned modern dating because I can no longer I wondered why guys went for the other girl rather than me — the girl who.

They would be ridiculing and sabotaging me in every possible way untill I had enough and left. Not a bad deal, eh? This just seems messed up to me. If a man doesn't commit to a woman it's beacause she is not the one, period. I made a fairy tale out of my head, thought about it and wrote to her in October saying that going to Edinburgh for a weekend wouldn't suit me because it would be too expensive but that I could visit her in the why is he dating her and not me where she was living as I still had stuff do to there and could possibly maybe spend some weeks there.

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