We are exclusive but not in a relationship

we are exclusive but not in a relationship
My name is Maureen, 26 years: I am easy-going, optimistic, , caring person who likes to smile and takes everything good from every situation. I like communicating with interesting people and take their life experience, I like fashion a lot and try to be beautiful all the time, because women should be women. Music, spending time with my friends and my family and to support them when they need my help, I like animals very much, dogs and cats. They are so cute and devoted and they always love you more then themselves. I like dancing a lot, I think I am very good at it, playing bowling, travelling of course and just have fun..

Ask Steve Harvey: Asking Him If We're In a Relationship

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DESCRIPTION: Sign 2 — It seems to me that his purpose for agreeing to exclusivity was to keep the conversation pleasant so he could avoid an emotional scene because you only saw him once after that. No tactless posts generalizing gender. What makes their fear so disheartening to me is not so much that its false which it is but that its so widely accepted. So idk what to think right now. I agree with RCS if a man wants something — great!.

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Why "Being Exclusive" is Ruining Your Relationship

Likewise, posts found to direct odious influxes here may be removed. Like I said there…it is a strange word these days. Ultimately, the question isn't about him. I just got out of this situation. Unless they're both hermits. What he wants is someone who will sleep with only him while he keeps his options open. Perhaps the serious issue relates to the distance between us as its a big decision to pull up roots and move across the country.


we are exclusive but not in a relationship
My name is Erika, 24.: I'm a good ukrainian woman, sometimes even too kind. I'm very open and bright man. I love animals, always feed homeless animals. I love my family and they me too. I have a lot of friends. I'm a very sociable girl

It is encouraging to know other women hold the same mindset..

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  • He wants to be Exclusive but not Serious…huh???
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  • How Men Think: we're Exclusive But I'm Not his Girlfriend?

Plus, he kept making promises to see me soon. This sounds like possible code for:.

  • Nov 28, - Ultimately, our super casual relationship did evolve, and we made things What It Means When They Want To Be Exclusive But Not Official.
  • Aug 24, - But, you're not quite boyfriend and girlfriend yet. and that's where it gets in a relationship, because seriously, what the hell are we anyway?
  • Aug 13, - Is being exclusive the same as being someone's significant other? My mom We're trained to assume that relationships happen in five stages: initiating, You're not sleeping with anyone else, but they aren't your girlfriend.

Exclusive but not in a relationship self. I would ask him what he means. You said it yourself, he seems like an open, honest person. Even if he does just want to be in an exclusive FWB thing until relationahip of them finds someone else, he should be able to make that clear. Unless they're both hermits.

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