What are your opinions on marriage

what are your opinions on marriage
My name is Angela, 21 years: Personally, I weighted all pros and cons before joining this site! As my friends told that with my traits of character I can easily find love in Ukraine! They say I am highly family oriented, kind hearted, intelligent, with strong moral and ethical values…But I have another outlook on many things, which is closer to foreign thinking, not ours. So, I joined this dating site and look for My Perfect Man Abroad!.

GAY MARRIAGE- Pro or Against gay marriage Real Public Opinions

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DESCRIPTION: In fact,you don't need to prove anything to the society we live in. Jeff Bridges rocked out with a great quote last week. Ban on cameras during childbirth: Leave A Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment..

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What Do Young People Think About Marriage?

Answer Questions Please Answer If you are divorced, or your parents got divorced? I believe if you do so, both will be happy in a marriage because it is equal and supportive. I think people should have weddings in churches if the couple are religous. I do think it is time for you to sit down and have the serious conversation and don't let him walk away from it. I am a bitch though, I would cut off sex and say "we already have one child out of wedlock I don't want another" not cook, clean, nothing.

What is your opinion about marriage?.

what are your opinions on marriage
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Many of you are brides to be and right now your fiancee is a very caring man. He didn't mention any part of any of it..

  • Most to Least Replies: I do not belive god exists, and I am not religious or spiritual..
  • What Do Young People Think About Marriage?
  • My opinion on marriage
  • What is your opinion about marriage? | Yahoo Answers

Marriage can also be loveless and only held together by a contract that would have become meaningless and moreover will prevent either party from leaving and starting a fresh with a new life. We're living with his mom right now to save money for our own house..

  • Jul 22, - If you view marriage as a “contract” then when your relationship hits a prolonged tough spot you will start to consider whether you would be better off terminating  What is your opinion on a Marriage of Convenience?
  • Feb 28, - What's your opinion about marriage? It's the universal fact that every being doesn't always remain single. Marriage is considered an important.
  • Obviously most people are on here because they are getting married and I genuinely want your opinions on marriage and why you are getting married.&nbs.

This was not a real marriage- a partnership of what are your opinions on marriage respect and care. He used to work on this dinner cruise downtown called the Nautica Queen and we have sometimes talked about getting married on that boat because it was a big part of our lives together. You dont want to wait too long! Nor did I get any peice of jewlrey on valentines day. On a final note, my friend has been married for 15 years what are your opinions on marriage her husband has had two affairs during this time and she has still chosen to stay with him whereas I have a friend who has lived not married with her partner for 20 years, they have 4 kids and as far as I know they have a completely solid relationship.

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