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#1 pikmen: So you did all of this CGI on your own? .This gives me hope that I can make my own CGI film on my own. I am a lone wolf ha ha.

#2 Slava34: it is this shit that makes so many people total idiots. feeding them this nonsense. science can't explain . give me a break. it is an ancient tunneling civilization, period. there are other such places on earth. and they are massive. some used as massive bunkers or forts. and others were full underground colonies. and that is all this place is. what happened to the kids. they wandered off into a massive underground tunnel system. that hadn't been properly explored yet. their screams were them probably terrified from being lost and wandering around in utter darkness. giant hairy creatures. grow the hell up, jeez.

#3 mummyy: Y por cierto muy buen video

#4 halaiz: They missed an AMAZING opportunity! They could have called this video: Don't Get Dropped Off The (Team Edge! Now the opportunity is gone, 81,523 people have already seen this HORRENDEUOS title!

#5 Bashakar: And now god of war 4

#6 Dimka21: How visible would short garders be when seated? I like a slim fit with my dress pants and the fact that you could probably see them is a huge turn off for me when seated. On a side note, higher socks and longer dress shirts tend to prevent them from sagging/coming untucked for me. Adding an extra 4-5 cm to my custom shirts is just as easy imo.

#7 l2abyss3: Siberia looks so beautiful! What a great place for a gulag.

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#11 astalavista666: Can you try to make slime with a peel of mask

#12 lfaxxx: Just as Nick Craft said, these animations are the best

#13 Undersky: DO NOT believe in most of these pictures. Think of this as a super budget low cost Hollywood slideshow. It appears some of these pictures are genuine looking but most of them are photoshoped, mixed in for the belief in ancient civilizations. I guess it would be fun to psyche people out but then again its taken so widely no one knows the truth or what to believe in what they see anymore. Humanity has come this far to the point of constant new discoveries on the daily and yet we are playing with the knowledge like we're 5 years old again, still tricking the school teacher. Some people, not all, but some don't need to exist because of their poisonous routines.

#14 manticor: Well. I like some of the artwork

#15 dandon1: All rubbish

#16 panxo128: you have that fucking much lip filler you look like a duck

#17 xacket: What a strange but cool accent. I see you are from Serbia, that explains it.

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#28 abs54444: I found this extremely interesting, largely because most of the thoughts expressed by this alleged alien from our own future correspond so closely to the explanations of the future society I describe in my own SF trilogy: Time Loves a Hero. https://www.amazon.com/Time-Loves-Michael-James-Jaquish/dp/1456352601/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515953635&sr=1-1&keywords=Time+Loves+a+Hero-+Michael+Jaquish

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diamond mason big ass
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So I tried a few new things just experimenting a bit with music, editing stuff, etc. I noticed a part i forgot to edit fully so i say a line twice (9:15). forgive me. but Let me know what you guys think! Mock draft coming up next.

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Such an amount of bad informations in such a short video oO Okay Let's bring back some realistic POV here: 1 the gladius IS a stabing weapon yes. so WHY the guys in romans are not doing it ? oO 2 the Pillum is probably NOT used that way: look at he positions they have, and all aways one from another, NOTHING like roman in formations martial laws forbid to leave the ranks That is why we think this weapon is use differently : as a schock weapon in close quarter : for more details : come in France, in Alesia we are explaning this daily ; 3 Chainmail or Lorica Hamata : Intvented by the. CELTS =D it appear the the celts from Switzerland did invented the chainmail 4 century BC . x chainmail is so expensive at this time (iron is FREAKING expensive that so few people will have it 4 lorica segmentata : in metal again TO EXPENSIVE Perhaps yes for borders like. when we found the one in metal : in UK were there is crazy celts tribes =D 5 Testudo is NOT like that : this is SOOOOO inefective XD For the Artillery, here Nothing to say so far so good (to my knowledge (I just wonder how they know that they painted black the missiles? and how ? Again I invite you to follow https://www.facebook.com/MuseoParc it's were I work.

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