Hook up two amps to one sub

hook up two amps to one sub
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How to strap two amps together!! Step by step tutorial!

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DESCRIPTION: Originally Posted by pitchblackcls6. Some words from Adire Audio, i def agree. People have told me that I can connect the RCA's from the reciever to the first amps input and connect another set of RCA's from the first amps output to the second amps input and then from their connect the speaker wire, bridged t the second amp to the box. I'm trying to understand your thought process here..

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How To Strap Two Amps Together, Double Your Power! | Learning Center | Sonic Electronix

Like Dustin said if the sub is dual voice coil, which it should be, then you could do it. Switch to Threaded Mode. If i connected it all right and set the amps the same, and not too high, wouldn't it work just like a W amp? You want to drive 1 speaker with 2 amps?? And like Dustin said, lol, it is pretty much just a stupid idea


hook up two amps to one sub
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  • Originally Posted by thomasluke. It is a dual voice coil sub.
  • How To Strap Two Amps Together, Double Your Power!
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I've spent the past year on these forums and the net in general, and its pretty widely accepted that if you feed anything other than a mono signal to amy speaker it will magically eat its self up. And like Dustin said, lol, it is pretty much just a stupid idea.

  • The audio line was edited due to copyright issue. How To Wire Speakers and Subwoofers to Your Amplifier.
  • Hi, I need to connect to amps to one sub. Now I know how to wire the amps (power distribution block). But the amps I have are 2 channel and.
  • Hello, I have the following: Sony Str-daes for films Marantz SR amp for music I want to connect both of these to a Kef Kube2 sub.

Techically if its dual voice coil you can do it, but seriously dude Originally Posted by Oliver But. You want to drive 1 speaker with 2 amps?? Now Hp know how to wire the amps power distribution block. Im not sure of all the damage you can do, but it wont be good. Switch to Threaded Mode. If pitchblackcls6 says it's OK

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