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My name is Jessie, 22 years: Well I have always been calm and easy going person. I believe in compromises and do not accept when people scream. I am sure that it is better to share any topic between two loving people then to be mad or sad to each other during a long time. I am a romantic and understanding, optimistic and loving woman..

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#3 kbachukojia: Reminds me of many of these exoplanets they keep discovering. Perhaps some of them will be more earthlike in a few billion years.

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#5 hoggano: Isn't she Ukrainian tho

#6 monokb1: . Never in the history of basketball, will there be another Michael Jordan.

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My name is Amber, 21.: My work is my main and the biggest interested and everything that is connected with it is interesting for me. I try to develop myself professionally, because I believe that work should bring not only money but a great joy and happiness from doing it. Also I love spending time in nature, being with friends, or simply to stay at home watching an interesting movie or reading an exciting book.

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at 1:16 lewandowski is like I should go play for them.

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Couldn't it be said that we are already at a point where we cannot see earlier than the big bang, so perhaps the content of our observable universe can be characterized similarly to our super cluster. Our universe could be a part of a sea of other universes that are just too far away from our own to ever grasp?

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Frankie Muniz was also on DWTS and he made it to the finals, but Jordan Fisher won the #Mirrorball on Season #25 in which he competed. I think Frankie was robbed imo. He worked his arse off that whole season and I think those are the people that should really get the trophies and not the ones with the prior dance experience and the 1st dance of the season they are pulling 8's. It's rigged, but I still love watching my favorite Where have they been? actors compete.

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a democrat? It doesn't matter, but they made it a point to 'hide in plain site. Next year, families will, and already are, crying because stage 4 cancer patients passed with little to no pain medication. Because that particular cancer, doesn't produce much pain. Take 2 tylenol and deal with it.