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My name is Juliette, 26 years: I want to be gentle and loyal friend passionate woman for my man. I hope you will see your happiness in my eyes.


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Literally every Zelda boss,for example Gohma in Twilight princess literally has to fight you with her children just to live yet you still crush her with a hammer

#4 12.05.2018 at 04:33 staf26:
real quick I want to say I'm new here because of Shame and your podcast and that's really amazing growth in a year to get 1 million subscribers and I want to say congratulations and you completely deserve it you should do a meet up and I want to meet you, you seem so down-to-earth and that's why I believe or I know for a fact that that's what makes a great YouTuber

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The music to rock on

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If you can't make a documentary with this interesting a topic without being exploitative and cheap, there's no hope for you as film makers.

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When the 14 year old knows older music better than the ones who are older

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the black girls boo. ah never mind

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Best rapper with the best running back

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Love and War is an AMAZING album.

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Get this man his suit

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Not sure if counts, but in Chrono Trigger, when Queen Zeal Summons Lavos and Chrono has to die to save the team

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Elizabeth was so uncomfortable during that interview

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Jack Whitehall is a comedy vacuum

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Far too many commercial interruptions.less commercials, and put them BETWEEN songs, not DURING the song.hellooooo.

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The hardest part about being vegan is waking up at 5:00 every morning to milk the almonds

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This makes me excited to spring clean.

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Clark Gregg! holy shit thats the only reason i would watch this