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#7 Ostap2009: 48:41 haha that guy is basically me! and probably many others too!

#8 Ganjasanta: If someone dates both sexes, they're bi, not gay. Why do so many people have trouble with this distinction?

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#15 Jcyjdf531: Like Christian Bale the actor. But being voluntarily in the press conference or whatever doesnt make sence if you dont know how to behave. I just dont see the point of using your status and power to make others feel like lesser beings. couse thats whats going on here.

#16 gnidas12: It's the 6 second talk show!

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#26 vano1996: As someone who use to work at a casino.its disgusting too be told to take everything you can and not say anything to the player that may encourage them to stop gambling. Literally, thousands of dollars spent and you know these people don't have the money to support themselves or their families and clearly have a problem. but it's their choice to keep playing until they ask you for help; most do not. Worst job ever! And I use to sell credit cards at grocery stores!

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