Amateur call sign prefixes

amateur call sign prefixes
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Ham Net Call Sign Check In (7.6.16)

226 227 228 229 230

DESCRIPTION: Bahamas issues call signs without a separating numeral. Beginning at the left of the call sign block, the country chooses one, two or three characters from within the range amaeur by the ITU, enough to distinguish its call signs from other jurisdictions. Some call sign block amateur call sign prefixes are unassigned by the ITU, e..

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W5YI : Call sign prefixes, numerals and suffixes

Retrieved from " https: A well-known short callsign is JY1, which belonged to Hussein of Jordan , who served as that nation's king. Hawaii and Pacific Insular areas. As political boundaries change through treaty or warfare, sometimes call sign prefixes are reassigned by the ITU to the new controlling government, or are reassigned by national governments for other reasons. Amateur radio call signs Amateur radio licensing. T9 returned to the ITU on 7 August Series allocated to an international organization.

International Call Sign Series.

amateur call sign prefixes
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Some call sign block ranges are unassigned by the ITU, e..

  • Liechtenstein uses prefixes allocated to Switzerland. Call signs begin with a one- two- or three-character prefix chosen from a range assigned by the ITU to the amateur's country of operation or other internationally recognized jurisdiction..
  • International Prefixes
  • ITU Table of Allocation of International Call Sign Series

Since these have been used to uniquely identify operators and locate amateur stations within a geographical region or country of the world. Since suffixes can also contain digits, some countries issue suffixes usually temporarily beginning with enough digits to produce a number, usually associated with the special event for example the number of years, see New Zealand below..

  • PREFIX. COUNTRY. CQ-ZONE. ITU-ZONE. A2. Botswana. A3. Tonga Isl. A4. Oman & Muscat. A5. Bhutan. A6. United Arab.
  • ITU Table of Allocation of International Call Sign Series. (See also Article 19). Prefix assignments by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
  • Callsigns use combinations based on those prefixes. The list below shows amateur callsign prefixes currently in use. Note: The ITU has not authorised any 1x.

The International Telecommunication Union ITU allocates call sign prefixes for radio and television stations of all types. Neither New Zealand's amxteur the Republic of Ireland's prefixes have numerals as prefix-characters. They are assigned the C6A—C6Z block, and the '6' is part of the prefix. An Amateur Extra might have W0OL which is a "1 amateur call sign prefixes 2" callbut a General-class licensee could not, because 1 sihn amateur call sign prefixes calls are reserved for the Amateur Extra class. Two-letter combinations are all between AA and ZZ. Some naked girls in sexy poses discourage this practice on the grounds that it could be confused with an amateur from the repeater's location working portable in Russia.

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