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My name is Christina, 27 years: I consider myself to be very friendly, kind, and outgoing person. I really appreciate friendship and relations between people, and would never betray them. I have a lot of ideas about life, priorities, and principles. I also understand that others have those too, which I find very important in every human being. I would never disregard someone's opinion or life principle, as well as I wouldn't allow anyone to do it to mine. I believe that respect is essential in everything..

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My name is Esther, 23.: I'm a lonely Ukrainian girl!(I am tired from loneliness!!! and I decided to radically change your life!) and find your soul mate! I hand in hand for life! I'm a successful man! I managed to achieve a lot!) but unfortunately (I was not able to meet the man!( that would make me the happiest girl in the world!!!

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Omg,ko makes the perfect right brain! And tko is the edgy left brain

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You. Don't. Like. Fairy. Tail

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me encantan sus videos. me encanta escuchar todo lo que usted estudia gracias.

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alex is the most non emo emo acting person you will ever meet!

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Una belleza la cama! Pero el efecto en la voz es desagradable.

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Hiding under your hat is embarrassing you need to own up and take it like a man running from what happened doesn't help you grow some of the most successful and tough people I know fell flat on there face many times but they seen it for what it was and came back stronger. Just saying

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that thumbnail tho

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Thank you so much for that.

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That's Not Me is finally turning into a movie, the hype is real. DON'T MESS THIS UP, PLEEASSEE

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anybody notice the monkey on the bottom at 5:37 is photo of the monkey statue on the jungle cruise at Disneyland?

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great video sir.

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