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My name is Charlotte, 20 years: Smile, optimism and sense of humor: it is my ways for being happy. And of course, happiness of my son Nikolya is my happiness. Who is nice father, can understand me perfect. I have a dream: to find a soulmate, partner for long relationship and be happy with him. That is my only goal to be here. I adore singing, and did it professional in my teenagers ages. Per now: on kitchen or the next to fireplace with guitar. Also I fond of traveling, eating seafood and walking in parks..


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#1 dtghm: 3:41 james: I don't believe you tho Shawn: and I don't care HAHAHAJAHA it makes me laugh

#2 sdsa49: estoy en uruguay como conseguimos los libros [email protected]

#3 IQ45: Ang ganda pkinggan. Di nkakasawa. Tsaka mpapasayaw kpa. I love oldies songs.

#4 stefan10: What kind of Heartless.Ughh. MORONS would hit the Not Like button? . God Bless You Justin. I'm Sooo very sorry for your loss.But Sooo Happy your Mom could do this for you! And God Bless All the other Good People who helped to make it happen! And Finally. God Bless your Father for his Service and Sacrifice! I believe he was right there w you your whole Life and at that very moment you sat in his car . He was right next to you! Drive Safe Sweetheart!

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#9 daniil1941: Menudo toston de video!

#10 Vanes999: that thumbnail tho

#11 Zadra12: Asi se hace MIS AGUILAS

#12 valentin1722: What happened to the other giveaway car?

#13 Pand: My mom said my first word was hermano it made my family tear up because when I was 5 months old my brother died in a car crash. My mom told me, on my first birthday i kept saying dnde est mi hermano mayor my whole family was silent after I said that.

#14 rysakov32: New RclBeauty101 video on my birthday.this is awesome! :D

#15 rola: Future Cub

#16 ltymuf7: Hi bro I am Indian how to glow my skin please tell me

#17 falens: Hola saludame

#18 kava3: Jalen rose comes on here shows Max and SAS up all the time Bron the Goat!

#19 odinok: This is so stupid

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#21 balanar: Joey:*Does intro holding knife and scissors You: PLEASE DON'T KILL ME THROUGH THE SCREEN! You in mind: how is that possible?

#22 mrspawn: Man I wish I had this video 2 months ago when I was building my N-gauge layout, these look so much better then the one I tried to make. :)

#23 patrikpatrik: This is fack.not psg .this is mined game

#24 CrazyBull: Eddie has been choked out to many times.

#25 Bobrovka: The Lonely Duck!

#26 Foxamana: tigays equipo chico y su estadio huele a puros miados

#27 xxxLodixxx: Who else put their hands up when she said to put ur hands up if u know dylan? oh just me ok.

#28 St1v3ns: Legion was a terrible movie but Paul Bettany as Michael was chilling.

#29 kifinas: Why is toilet written in hindi in Liam's room? P.S it's written in different languages in each room korean for Taylor )

#30 renji: Stealing the world with one gold bar and a photocopier the infinite degree. wow.

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My name is Aria, 21.: I am a cheerful and gentle person. I am very sincere and sensual. I have so much love to share with my man. I am serious and honest in my actions and in my choice. I can describe myself as a kind person, and I always look for compromises in the relationship, I do not like quarrels. I am a family and faithful woman, I love traditions, and I believe in a long term relations and true love. I really love animals, and I love the world around me. I try to make it better with my smile, because of our positive we can make the world more colorful and better. I also like to keep fit and I love different kinds of sports, such as a gym, cycling and horseback riding. I love experiments in the kitchen, and I always like to try something new in every sphere of my life. I am very curious, and I believe that in life there are a lot of uncharted things. It seems to me that the best make-up for a woman is her smile. Also, a woman should be beautiful from the inside, and I am this kind of woman. I'm not perfect, but together we can strive to be even better.

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Congratulations on becoming a father! I liked, subbed, and turned on notifications. I love Fortnite because not only is it a great game, but it gives you more of a chance to prove yourself as an individual at a game. Other games are team-based, meaning that if your team wins then that could be because of anybody. But in the few games like Fortnite, which Fortnite definitely comes out as the top of, if you win then YOU WON! You were the best out of all 100 people in that match, at least for that match. The focus becomes more on you.

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