I love my wife but not sexually attracted to her

i love my wife but not sexually attracted to her
My name is Grace, 28 years: Such a treasure like I should not be alone, I need a man who will inspire me and LOVE!.

Marriage Counseling - What To Do When You're No Longer Attracted To Your Spouse?

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DESCRIPTION: He was long-limbed at six-feet tall and lithe. People talk about unconditional love and plenty use it in the wrong way! But sometimes we get caught up in a kind of fantasy that all those things mean success, or lead to success. Maggie has been harboring a secret for the last five years of her year marriage..

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I almost don't feel sexually attracted to my wife anymore - Talk About Marriage

Take ed meds, get test injections, and start working with her to rebuild your sex life. For me, I will just be depressed inside and resentful. Ugh i was mortified when i looked in a mirror. I'm worried that it's all going to end soon one way or another if I don't fix things I have this idea that its like opposites.

Advice for When You’re No Longer Attracted to Your Spouse.

i love my wife but not sexually attracted to her
My name is Margie, 22.: First of all I want tell you that I am optimistic Lady, who believes in Love. I'm not a little girl, I do not play in any games.

This is an issue to discuss in marriage counseling. Last edited by Wherehasitgone?.

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  • When Your Spouse Is No Longer Attractive To You: Sexual Dissatisfaction
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  • I am not sexually attracted to my wife, what is wrong with me?

I could be wrong and I am only basing this on my own actions after my sexual attraction had waned in my relationship. Sure, but I'm pretty sure it goes against the rules of the sub to assume that the blame falls on the OP..

  • She has a high sex drive, but I'm just not attracted to her sexually the way I have been with previous girlfriends. I don't know why, but physically she's not really.
  • Jan 14, - In your question, you ask what can you do, but you don't describe a problem. I can only assume that you love your wife, you are not sexually attracted to her AND  What should I do if I am not sexually attracted to my.
  • Aug 23, - A reader is no longer attracted to his wife. identical to her wedding photos anymore, but he still finds her desirable physically.” I DO love her, but, I am so turned off by her weight that I cant even climax with her anymore.

Feel free to email me on paula[dot]refreitas[at]gmail[dot]com and we can organise a Skype call. If that even makes sense. I would have to beg him to go on hikes or even just a walk around bkt neighborhood. You have a prenup so you are not worried about assets, set both yourselves free. Religious pressure and culture is what brought my husband and me together.

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