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My name is Abby, 25 years: I am a merry and life loving woman. I have a grown up daughter that I love very much. I have a good work that I like, too, but I need to have my beloved next to me. I do not know why but I can't find a good man in our country that is why I sincerely hope to meet him here. It seems to me that I will be interesting to a man. I am adult and intelligent. I have lived an interesting life and I do have something to be proud of and to tell my man about. I will be pleased to open my heart to him and to tell him about myself in more details in my letters or when we see each other..

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uk free adult chat rooms
My name is Stella, 27.: I am a very sociable and friendly person. I have many hobbies, including dancing, listening to music and travelling. I am here for find my man, my love. I am a single woman who is here for you and with you. I am loving woman, one that you can share your inner thoughts and feelings with. I have serious intention cause. I don't want to waste time with guys who don't know what they want in life. The most important goal for me is creating family. I want to have work and all free time spend with family. I am passionate and affectionate. I am loyal and supportive girl.

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