Do you still love your ex quiz

do you still love your ex quiz
My name is Camille, 26 years: I have a pretty calm character. I am not the person who likes to argue. This way I can describe myself as a tender cat, who wants to be stroked =). But only try to do it gently and not against my fur, haha!.

✔ Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex?

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DESCRIPTION: Well i go out with mates, or stay in, or read or i don't know, normal stuff? We argued a lot. Then one day quizz was in an 'accident' you could say..

#1 tanichka: 6:03 OMG he literally broke the guy lol

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#3 dykllita: It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. 1984

#4 sosiskomam: So this is the fucker that outbid me on the nut sling. I was going to harvest his dna and grow a mini Russell/me hybrid. Fuck you, Blockbuster and John Oliver.

#5 Altair: You have to have literally zero moral compass or sense of right from wrong to support Trump. The fact his base is christian just shows how massively hypocritical American Christianity is. How in Gods Holy Name can you justify a man like Donald Trump from a Christian worldview? Can you HONESTLY picture Jesus of Nazareth supporting Donald Trump? Can you seriously picture Jesus being a Trump sycophant? Can you say with a straight face you think Jesus the Almighty Christ of God would wear a MAGA trucker cap?

#6 nnbot3: curang itu

#7 SuperBOOM: Love Pat, a real oldskool asskicker. Great show.

#8 hotomust2: you are so stupit

#9 evilish: 2:41 kinda looked like a brunette Shakira

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#11 savaraver22: where are you D:

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#13 uyjv716883: Brendans look at 2:50:49

#14 valerka26:

How Do You Feel About Your Ex? - ProProfs Quiz

After that we would argue reguarly. Create Your Dream Guy. I can't stand knowing that I made him sad. Yes and I love him. Burn him or kiss him? I feel bad bc he can't get over me.

Do You Still Love Your Ex?.

do you still love your ex quiz
My name is Kathleen, 27.: To begin with I’m loyal, cheerful, friendly, kind, easy going, with a good since humour woman, how come to this site to find a true love. I’m very romantic type of woman, who likes surprises, so you should work really hard to impress me. But also I’m very sensitive, if you ever hurt or betray me, I’ll never forgive. Inspire all of it, I’m also very hard-working and strong woman, I used to face all the difficulties of life by myself, so can you be the stronger one for, to protect me from all of the world.

Is one of your friends dealing with a bad split and their angst is driving you up the wall?.

  • Its kinda awkward but i still wanna keep in touch and be friends!.
  • Do I still love my ex?
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  • 16 Signs You’re Still in Love with Your Ex - HelloGiggles

Take this quiz and you can find out if your ex can be dismissed or kept!.

  • Dec 1, - Did you have a breakup and think you still love your ex? If so, please take this quiz.
  • Jan 25, - Do u still love ur ex? Do u hate ur ex? Did they cheat on u or did u cheat on them? Do u still have feelings for them or u wish they would die?
  • Are you over your old love? See if you can live without them. Take this quiz! Do you still think about them? Do you feel like calling them at a random time?

Then, i started to get over him. After that we would argue reguarly. And i told him, then he actually asked me out and i obviously said yes. What type of friend are you? We hang out all the time. I haven't found the right guy yet. He has a new gf now and they have been dating a while.

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The kurt russel one was the best

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my great grandpa was in the 505

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5:28 Trish eating while they're dancing is a mood.

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This is a game, I know

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What you came for 4:31

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the last one was funny

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Larry Nance Jr with the point tho

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Purely SHIT!

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Ya'll know he got robbed out of his Scholarship from Ucla? He has the talent and hard work to he in the nba its just That ucla stuff happened and then he went to creighton, and they never Really exploited him to his best potential. Watch him bounce back!