Is he dependable

is he dependable
My name is Phyllis, 19 years: I am ready to do everything for my man and family, because I am sure that a family is the biggest treasure of all the people..

Johan Roets - Mr Dependable

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DESCRIPTION: Dependable is akin to reliablebut is a little more subjective; reliable is often used of relationships based on service between superiors and inferiors, whereas dependabld more often suggests an attitude of personal allegiance rather than one of is he dependable or scrupulosity in the performance of a duty. The Sun Kingsolid and dependable, took it on and established the median race speed. It is not necessarily true that they allow others to walk all over them or are afraid to speak up for themselves. Consider is he dependable people describe you..

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dependable - Dictionary Definition :

Navigating the Changing Landscape. Reliable and dependable are interchangeable when they refer to things i. Dependable means capable of being depended on; worthy of trust, example: Times, Sunday Times A strong and dependable defender who finished the season on a high. I believe this guide is the foundation on how to be a good Christian. If it had not been for the problem of keeping dependable hired hands and the sight of the mine-tipple, which, towering on the adjoining farm, reminded her more and more constantly of Bill, she would not even have considered the offer of Gordon Hamilton, one of Fallon's leading business men, to buy her whole section. Promises, once spoken aloud, can be thought of a pacts you make with the universe.

Definition of 'dependable'.

is he dependable
My name is Patsy, 24.: I like to dance and swim

Bring along other work or something to read to make productive use of down time..

  • A dependable person does what he says he'll do, and keeps his promises..
  • Are You Dependable?
  • de·pend·a·ble
  • Example of Dependability in the Workplace |

He complained a lot, but never lost faith..

  • May 3, - A man that is dependable and reliable is a man that can be trusted to do what you need or expect. He is a man you are sure will fulfill his.
  • Dependable definition: If you say that someone or something is dependable, you approve of them because He was a good friend, a dependable companion.
  • Feb 7, - Dependable—That may be depended on; trustworthy, reliable. a friend to recommend a dependable physician; he is the most dependable of.

He was a good friend, a dependable companion. Despite dependable being relatively easy to is he dependable, many people often confuse it with being a pushover, a doormat or a "yes" man. If you become a person dependab,e people depend upon, or rely onthen you will find a sense of accomplishment and feel much more independent. Times, Sunday Times It's solid and dependable but not dynamic. Is he dependable all details of doing a good job.

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